History 201 - Exam 1 Review

1) The government of which country sponsored Christopher Columbus's 1492 exploration

2) Portugal's early interest in exploration and expansion stemmed from a desire to

3) If you were born in the Spanish New World to parents who had come from Spain, you would be put in the social class of

4) Compared to the Spanish colonists in the New World in the sixteenth century, the English of the Virginia Company

5) Lord Baltimore received six and a half million acres in the Chesapeake region and created the colony of Maryland as a refuge for Catholics

6) The shift from an indentured servant labor force to a slave labor force occurred for many reasons. One was that

7) The New England town meeting

8) The colony of New Netherland was marked by a

9) Why were there so few slaves in New England during the eighteenth century

10) In the video, historian Jim Baker observes that American Indians in the area of Plymouth colony signed a treaty of friendship with the Pilgrims because they ______________.