Northwest-Shoals' Department of Natural Sciences offers courses in anatomy and physiology, general biology, microbiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physical science, environmental science, general physics, and advanced physics. Students working toward an associate's degree and those preparing for transfer to a four-year college or university can choose from certain offerings to meet their science general education requirements.

Those planning to major in the chemical, physical or biological sciences will find the necessary courses to complete the first two years of their curriculum among the department's offerings. This includes programs for those interested in the medically oriented professions such as medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy. The department supports a number of two-year technical programs at Northwest-Shoals including Nursing and Emergency Medical Technician.


At Northwest-Shoals we work hard to make sure that you graduate with an Associate Degree or Certificate and arrive at a university prepared to start Junior-level courses. The Department of Natural Sciences offers high quality science courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Physics to science and non-science majors through formal classroom instruction, laboratory exercises and directed study with the intent to prepare each student for advancement in their field of study.